Fallen Jerusalem and Great Harbor, Sailing Day 10/10

This morning we refilled water at Marina Cay ($20 for 100 gallons), then raised sails and headed over to Fallen Jerusalem’s North Lee Bay.  We spent several hours exploring along the shore and snorkeling just off it.  The younger kids invented pirate games along the beach as they switched from snorkels to sand castles to rock climbing and back again. … Read More

Sailing to Fallen Jerusalem, BVI Day 8/10

Today we set sail for the tiny, uninhabited island of Fallen Jerusalem. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite stops in the British Virgin Islands. Underway, we pass a 390 foot long mega yacht with a giant letter “A” on its stern. We call this boat the “S.S. Hester Prynne” or simply the “Big A Boat”. Its anchored off … Read More