Splash 2013: First Sail of the Year

Sunrise over Utah Lake, from the docks in Pelican Bay Finally ready to put the boat in!  We decided to put her in at the American Fork Boat Harbor, which is only a few miles from the house.  Usually we put in at the Provo Marina (where the slip is), but we were looking forward to starting the year with … Read More

Sailing on a Silent Sea

Becalmed after sunset, we towed some fellow sailors back in. The winds have been great over the past several days so I was anxious to finally get out sailing last night. Wouldn’t you know it though, the steady 10-15 knot winds we’ve enjoyed for the past week decided to take a break tonight.  (But they seemed perfectly happy to nearly … Read More

Man Overboard! (and Other Observations)

Winds were forecasted to run 9 knots most of the afternoon so my son Zack and I headed down to the marina for some sailing. At the docks we ran into Todd Frye of the Bonneville Sailing School. He is planning a group charter to the San Juan Islands in October that I’d like ke to attend if possible. I’ve … Read More

Circumnavigating Utah Lake Day 2

(Click here if you missed day 1 of this sailing adventure.)  The fall air is really cool in the morning, and the marina is very quiet.  A little too quiet.  Oh wait, it’s late October, we’ve already had snow in the mountains.  No one is out on the lake this morning! Nothing will hold my intrepid crew back from day … Read More

Circumnavigating Utah Lake Day 1

Tonight we set sail on a historic voyage to circumnavigate Utah Lake.  To our knowledge, no one has ever accomplished such a feat in a single voyage  We likely wont finish till sometime tomorrow afternoon. Add tacking, run-ins with natives along the hostile western shores, battles with herds of man-eating carp, the wind-blown wrath of mother nature, and the fury … Read More

Sailing with Kids: a Few Short Videos

Tonight Mom was busy, so a few of the kids and I headed out for an evening sail. My 13 year old, 10 year old, and 8 year old came along, and we had a great time. The winds were just right tonight, running 12-14 miles per hour, which is just enough to get up to 6 miles an hour … Read More