Summer Sailstice 2018 Video

Hope you enjoy 60 seconds of sailing races, overnight voyages, and windy June sailing on Utah Lake. June is Summer Sailstice month, The crew included family and a few friends, and many many hours sailing.

James Bond and the Auto-tacking Raymarine EV 100 Autopilot

I’m not sure what it is about manuals, but I find them to be rather boring reading. For decades I have lived a manual-free life, choosing instead to struggle along in ignorant amazement as I figure out technology on my own, sans-instructioni¬†as they probably say in latin. But that all changed tonight when I read the manual for my Raymarine … Read More

Fresh Breeze and Movie on the Water

The local marina planned a Movie on the Water tonight, with a showing of the water terror flick 47 Meters Down, about tourists who get caught in a shark cage. Hundreds planned to float on tubes in the marina while watching the movie projected on a large screen. My daughter brought a couple of friends over from college to sail … Read More

Bon Voyage

Remember that nervously exciting month after high school graduation? The feeling of euphoria that came from accomplishing something you worked toward for twelve very long years, suddenly colliding with the realization that its over. All the friends who just a month ago were all united by school, are now suddenly making plans and chasing dreams of their own. Some you … Read More

Girls Night Sailing

It seemed like an odd place to practice dance, standing outside the lifelines, one hand on the shroud, in the middle of a lake. But it was girls night aboard Unsinkable 2. The evening was filled with the laughter of talented, bright young women who laughed, tacked, danced, jibed, and braided their friendships closer together over the course of the … Read More

Double Date Sunset Sailing

Between the sun setting later and later, consistent winds in the 10-15mph range, and mother nature’s determination to make each night’s sunset more spectacular than the last, June has been a great month of sailing. Sailing dates are quality dates, because there is no time for cell phones or other distractions. People actually get to know one another, out there … Read More

Solo sailing and 47 mph wind

It was one of those rare nights that I was actually going to be home alone. The kids were gone on school trips, competitions and other events, so I had the night completely to my self. It seemed like a good opportunity to go sail alone across the lake to Saratoga Springs marina and spend the night, then sail back … Read More

Why I Chose a Catalina 270 Sailboat

I think sailors begin dreaming of their next larger size boat about 1 year after purchasing their last next larger boat. This year, I made the move to my next larger boat, a Catalina 270. I loved my Catalina 25, it was the perfect boat for us for nearly a decade. We learned to sail, progressing from lake sailing to … Read More

How to build a sailboat trailer extension

This is the remarkable true story about how I built a sturdy trailer extension and got 27 stitches in the process. I recommend the¬† former, though I included instructions on how I got the latter just in case you’re interested. The previous owner of my Catalina 270 took her in and out of the water with a crane. Unfortunately on … Read More

Intro to Sailing on Utah Lake

Here’s a quick overview of Utah Lake sailing. Utah Lake is roughly 20 miles north-south, and about 10 east-west. It’s a shallow lake, about 12 feet deep everywhere except within a 100-200 yards of shore. (In low water years, it may be less.) It feeds into the Great Salt Lake over approximately 45 miles through the Jordan River. (Interestingly, this … Read More