Intro to Sailing on Utah Lake

Here’s a quick overview of Utah Lake sailing. Utah Lake is roughly 20 miles north-south, and about 10 east-west. It’s a shallow lake, about 12 feet deep everywhere except within a 100-200 yards of shore. (In low water years, it may be less.) It feeds into the Great Salt Lake over approximately 45 miles through the Jordan River. (Interestingly, this … Read More

Sailing Warm June Evenings

It’s been surprisingly easy to find excuses to go sailing lately. The kids have invited friends out a couple of evenings this past week. June on Utah Lake is a beautiful time, with warm breezes, golden sunsets, and nowhere in particular we have to go.   I’ve found the Catalina 270 sails well in light air, which means even when … Read More

Rocky Mountain Sailing: Utah’s Trial Lake

Trial Lake, Utah.  A Sailing Destination 10,000 feet in the air. These waters beg to be sailed.  At 10,000 feet above sea level, the clouds skim across the top of your mast, filling the lake beneath you with cool, clear rain.  Eagles fill their wings with the wind that spills from your sails.  Deer wander curiously along the shore, drinking … Read More

Splash 2013: First Sail of the Year

Sunrise over Utah Lake, from the docks in Pelican Bay Finally ready to put the boat in!  We decided to put her in at the American Fork Boat Harbor, which is only a few miles from the house.  Usually we put in at the Provo Marina (where the slip is), but we were looking forward to starting the year with … Read More

BVI Summer Sailing: Lessons Learned

Flying home, we talk about the lessons learned on this trip.  If you found this end of the trip blog, you should click here and start from the beginning of the BVI family sailing charter. This is our first June charter in the BVI, so our conclusions must be remembered with a grain of salt.  But here are my thoughts. … Read More

Fallen Jerusalem and Great Harbor, Sailing Day 10/10

This morning we refilled water at Marina Cay ($20 for 100 gallons), then raised sails and headed over to Fallen Jerusalem’s North Lee Bay.  We spent several hours exploring along the shore and snorkeling just off it.  The younger kids invented pirate games along the beach as they switched from snorkels to sand castles to rock climbing and back again. … Read More

The Caves, Cooper Island, and Marina Cay, Day 9/10

My son Zack and I got up early this morning, so he helped free us from the mooring and we sailed around to the Caves on Treasure Island (Norman Island) to pick up one of the moorings and wait for the family to wake up.  Privateer Bay, just a little further than the caves, looked like a great mooring field … Read More

Sopers Hole and Treasure Island, Sailing Day 8/10

After a leisurely start to the day, we set sail under a beautiful blue, sunlit sky and steady trade winds over to Sopers Hole.  We picked up a mooring near the main docks and enjoyed lunch aboard while the Caribbean-colored waterfront stretching peacefully before our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Then, into the dinghy and off to explore the Caribbean-colored shops along the waterfront.   … Read More

Sandy Cay, BVI Bareboat Charter Day 7/10

Very light wind forecast for today.  1-6 knots.  This means adventure is to be found on land today, not under sail.  Perfect conditions for exploring Sandy Cay. Early this morning, before breakfast, we headed over to Sandy Cay.  Despite our early departure, we barely picked up one of the last moorings.  We ate breakfast aboard while I finished worrying about … Read More

Monkey Point and Cane Garden Bay, Sailing Day 6 of 10

Dance of the Leverick Bay Fuel Dock After topping off fuel and water at Leverick Bay, we motored out of North Sound to sail for Monkey Point on Guana Island. On the way out of Leverick Bay, the Admiral decided to give the stern steps a quick wash-down with the deck bucket.  The deck bucket is tied to a short … Read More