Cell Phone Coverage

Cellular coverage is available throughout most of the British Virgin Islands, however check with your cell carrier before you go, as there may be roaming fees. Most charter companies will provide a local prepaid cell phone for use in the islands during your charter. The prepaid phone plans often include perks like free outbound calls to the United State, etc, so be sure and ask for details when you pick up your phone. If your charter company does not include a phone, ask them about it and they can usually arrange to have a prepaid rental phone available for you at checkout.

Internet Access

Most beachside cafes offer free wifi for patrons. Additionally, most marinas offer wifi that is accessible to you while on a mooring. The most convenient method of internet access is a wifi hotspot on your boat. Many of the charter companies offer these hotspots standard with your charter, and if not, they can arrange for a rental hotspot from one of the local vendors. These wifi hotspots can connect several devices at once (laptops, tablets, smart phones) and are a convenient way to stay in touch with home or look up information during your charter. The speed is not sufficient for streaming video like Netflix, but it works adequately for email and slow web browsing, and often communication services like Skype. These onboard wifi hotspots connect to the internet via cellular service, and will get connection in most areas of the islands. Note that occasionally in the remote anchorages, they may not have a strong enough signal to work.

Satellite Phones

The most certain way to stay in touch is to carry a satellite phone.  There are several affordable options which will give you peace of mind. The Spot Satellite Phone is available with very affordable calling plans.