Sailboats anchored off an uninhabited island.

The following planning guide will help you prepare for your charter adventure, breaking the tasks into easy-to-accomplish steps and spreading them out over 6 months. Then read through the rest of the guide for details, tips, and secrets of planning a fantastic trip.

So what if you have fewer than 6 months until your charter? Well first, congratulations! Just make sure you get the preceding months’ tasks underway as soon as possible.

Month Six

  • Apply for Passports
  • Place your charter reservation
  • Choose your crew
  • Book your flight reservations
  • Purchase trip insurance

Month Five

  • Read up on local history
  • Research the sailing destinations
  • Recommended Historical Fiction
    • Michener’s Caribbean
    • Treasure Island

Month Four

  • Select nautical charts, cruising guides, anchorage photos, and navigational apps

Month Three

  • Choose your Luggage
  • Purchase any needed clothing
  • Decide on Snorkeling/Diving Gear
  • Discuss “crew responsibilities” section with shipmates

Month Two

  • Complete provision planning
  • Confirm with charter company
  • Purchase miscellaneous items (sunscreen, etc)

Four Weeks

  • Contact your Credit Card company
  • Arrange mail pickup, etc
  • Create list of desired destinations and a nearby Plan B

Three Weeks

  • Consider sun preparation
  • Choose sea sickness prevention

Two Weeks

  • Pack bags
  • Arrange airport transportation
  • Obtain travelers checks and cash

One Week

  • Hold newspapers and postal mail
  • Check weather forecasts (local and British Virgin Islands)
  • Confirm Credit Card preauthorization